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Smoking Goddess Damazonia (Amazon’s Ash Hole / 08 01 2021)

Smoking_Goddess Damazonia (Amazon’s Ash Hole / 08.01.2021)

Genre: Brunette, Femdom, Smoking, Big Tits, Tattoo, High Heels
Country: USA
Cast: Goddess Damazonia

Amazon Goddess Damazonia trains all of her slaves to accept whatever dehumanizing acts she wishes to do to them. They are only objects to be used for her amusement, and what better way than to use them as her personal ashtray. As Damazonia enjoys a cigar, she uses the slave’s tongue as an ashtray while blowing smoke in his face making sure he savors every moment. Any attention is a gift from a Goddess especially when it comes directly from her mouth. Damazonia makes sure to give her slave plenty of spit to keep him hydrated as his mouth gets filled with smoke and ash. This slave will learn that his entire body belongs to Damazonia as nothing is off-limits.

VideoQuality: Full HD
VideoFormat: MPEG-4
FileExtension: mp4
FileSize: 705.1 MB
Duration: 00:09:39
Resolution: 1920×1080




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